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In 2016

CASTECH completed company structural adjustment,and formed new crystals,optics and

laser components divisions.

In 2013

CASTECH expanded its production lines for laser and telecom components including high

power isolators, collimators, F-Theta lens etc.

In 2012 CASTECH moved to the new facility.
In December,2010 CASTECH was awarded as the Provincial-level Enterprise Technical Center by the Fujian Province.
In November,2010

CASTECH invested 39 millions RMB with its partner to build up new company “Fujian Wanban 

Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd”, which engage in manufacturing and sales of LED lightning product.

In May,2009 CASTECH began to build up its new facility of total 40,000m2.
In February,2009

CASTECH has been certificated as one of the first High-tech enterprises in Fujian Province (2008-2010)

【Certificate Number:GR200835000005】.

In October,2008 Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. was renamed as “CASTECH Inc.”
In March,2008 CASTECH went IPO in China ShenZhen Stock Exchange (SSE:002222).
In January,2008

CASTECH introduced new LBO coating technique with high damage threshold, long life time and low

reflectivity (R<0.05%@1064, R<0.1%@532).< span="">

In October,2007 CASTECH introduced Q-switch product.
In July,2007 CASTECH expanded its production line of mini-power green laser kit product to 1 million peaces per year.
In April,2007 CASTECH introduced optical thin film product(OTF), including: CWDM,DWDM, FTTx, GFF and other filters.
On October 31,2006 CASTECH registed its joint-stock company in China.
In September,2006 CASTECH succeedly developed GTR-KTP crystal.
On June 15,2006 CASTECH increased the capacity of its laser optics production line.
On June 10,2006 All of CASTECH’s shareholder agreed to restructure CASTECH to a joint-stock company.
In March,2006 CASTECH succeedly developed Optical-Contact Composites product and began mass product.
In December,2005 CASTECH continued to invest CRYSTECH. The total share percentage reach 72.73%.
In November.2005 CASTECH started its 6 sigma training plan.
In May,2005

CASTECH built up CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems to improve its ability to serve the


In March,2005 CASTECH got the further investment, The total registration capital reached 95 millions RMB.
In December,2004 CASTECH expanded its growing line of Nd:YVO4 crystals by 10 sets of ovens.
In December,2004

CASTECH invested and hold 30% shares of Hangzhou Keting Optical Technology Inc. with registration

capital of 21 million RMB.

In June,2004 CASTECH succeeded in the new technic of machine-polishing for LBO crystal.
In May,2004 CASTECH set up ‘CASTECH INCORPORATION’ in U.S.A to improve its sales&service in USA market.
In February,2004

CASTECH build up the largest production line in the world for annual 300,000pcs Nd:YVO4 +KTP glued crystals

for low power green laser.

In January,2004 CASTECH researched and successfully developed the growing technology of the Nonlinear Optical Crystal BIBO.
In June,2003

CASTECH obtained the significant breakthrough on the new craft of growing LBO single crystal. High quality

LBO crystal with low absorption are available.

In May,2003 CASTECH invested and held 35% shares of Qingdao CRYSTECH coating Inc., with registration capital of 20 million RMB.
In Augest,2002 CASTECH obtained Chinese patent (Patent number 94106609.6.) for AR-coating on LBO crystal surface and the craft.
In May,2002 CASTECH Invested and hold 55% shares of Qingdao CRYSTECH Inc., with registration capital of 11 million RMB.
On February 28,2002

CASTECH got the investment from Shenzhen Innovation scientific and technological investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai 

Dingfeng Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Fujian Huaxing investment company. The total registration

capital reached 90 millions RMB.

In December,2001 CASTECH passed ISO9001 international quality system authentication .
In October,2001

The Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. was reformed to limited company with registration capital of 76.5 million RMB. 

Such assets as LBO, BBO and Nd:YVO4 patent etc from FIRSM (Fujian Institute of Research on the Structure of Matter) 

rolled over share and entered our company.


In January,2000 Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. moved into Huajing Building which was completed newly.
In December,1999

CASTECH’sLBO crystal attained ‘golden medal, patent for invention of China’ which issued by the Chinese

country intellectual property rights bureau and the knowledge of the world property right organization.

In November,1998 CASTECH successfully developed Nd: YVO4 +KTP glued crystal module for low power laser application.
In 1997

The Chinese international trade committee arbitrated for the third time: Huamin Co. should compensate FIRSM

8.5 millions RMB for contract-breaking.

In 1996

The Chinese international trade committee arbitrates for the second time: Huamin Co. should compensate FIRSM

12 millions RMB for contract-breaking., and logout Fujian Phoenix laser limited company.

In March,1996 CASTECH obtained Chinese patent (Patent number 92112921.1) for the improved BBO crystal growing method.
In February,1996 CASTECH obtained Japan patent (Patent number 2023845) for the LBO crystal component and its application.
In February,1994 CASTECH set up crystal processing workshop in Maryland State of U.S.A.
In November,1993 The KD*P crystal growing method obtained Chinese patent (Patent number 92244877.9.).
In 1993

BBO crystal attained ‘Golden Medal of the patent for invention of China’ issued by Patent Office of the

People’s Republic of China.

In 1992 CASTECH succeeded in developing Nd:YVO4 and YVO4 crystal for the first time in China, and began the volume production.
In 1992 CASTECH, Huamin Co. and Hong Kong phoenix Co. set up joint venture company Fujian Phoenix laser limited company.
In 1991 LBO crystal won the first award. of national invention.
In 1990 LBO crystal was evaluated one of ten most important laser products in 1989 by American laser magazine.
In 1990 LBO crystal obtained the first prize of the scientific and technological advancement of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
On Augest 20,1990

Fujian CASTECH Crystals, Inc. was licensed to be founded officially, which entire capital was own by FIRSM. The crystal 

material stepped onto the path of industrialization formally.

In 1990 LBO crystal device of FIRSM obtained China patent (Patent No. 4,826,283.)
In 1989 LBO crystal device of FIRSM obtained U.S.A patent (Patent No. US4826283.)
In 1989 FIRSM attended INTEROPTO international photoelectric exhibition in Japan for the first time.
In 1988 The BBO crystal growing method of FIRSM obtained China patent, (Patent No. 85101617. 0)
On July 8,1988

FIRSM was authorized to establish Fujian Crystals Inc.

In 1987: The BBO crystal of FIRSM was evaluated one of ten most important products by the American laser magazine.

In 1986 FIRSM offered the first BBO crystal to the customer.
In 1986 The BBO crystal of FIRSM attained the special award of Chinese Academy of Science advancement in technology.
In 1985 FIRSM attend European LASER international photoelectric exhibition for the first time.
In 1983 KAP crystal of FIRSM begun to export to U.S.A.
In 1983 FIRSM attend CLEO international photoelectric exhibition in USA for the first time.
In 1982 ADP and KDP crystals of FIRSM begun to export to U.S.A.
In 1981 PET crystal of FIRSM begun to export to U.S.A.


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