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In-Line Isolators

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In-line isolators can be divided into two categories according to the fiber types: non-polarization-maintaining isolator and polarization-maintaining isolator.

The non-polarization-maintaining isolator consists of birefringent crystal, Faraday rotator, half-wave plate or polarizer , and collimator. It’s usually used in the fiber laser system and to maintain the stability of optical system effectively.

The polarization-maintaining isolator is a laser component that can achieve the steady transmission of linear polarized light and remain the polarization state unchanged. It consists of input polarizer, Faraday rotator, half-wave plate or polarizer, output polarizer, and collimator. In some special applications, this type of isolator is used to maintain the stability of the system’s polarization state.

CASTECH's in-line isolators are with high isolation, high power handling, high return loss, low insertion loss, excellent environmental stability and reliability, operating in the wavelength range of 850nm-2000nm and power range of 0.3W-500W. The connection types of the fiber tail can be adopted by bare fiber, FC/PC or FC/APC.




● DWDM Systems

● Optical coherence detection

● Laser sensing

● Fiber communication etc



  Polarization Independent Non-polarization Independent
Center Wavelength 850/980/1030/1064nm
Operating Wavelength Range ≥±10nm
Peak Isolation ≥35
Isolation in Band at 23℃ ≥25
Insertion Loss at 23℃ ≤0.45 ≤0.45
Polarization Dependent Loss ≤0.15 ≤0.15
Return Loss (Input/Output) ≥50 ≥50
Optical Power(Average) 5,10,30,50W,100W,200W,500W or others
Peak Pulse Power 50KW Can be customized
Fiber Type PM Fiber Non-PM Fiber
Fiber Length ≥1.0m Can be customized
Operating Temperature Range 10-50℃ 10-50℃
Storage Temperature Range 0-60℃ 0-60℃
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Type(t) Power(p) Fiber Type(f) Wavelength(λ) Pigtail diameter(e) Fiber Length(l) Wave Plate(b) Housing(h)
IL 5 PM Fiber 980/1030 L 1 N A01
IL 3 PM Fiber 1040/1064 L 1 N A02
IL 20 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A03
IL 10 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 C A04
IL 10 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 C A05
IL 0.3 PM Fiber or Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A06
IL 20 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A07
IL 100 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A08
IL 10 Non-PM Fiber 980 or less L 1 N A09
IL 2 PM Fiber or Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A10
IE 120 Non-PM Fiber 1064 / / N A11
IL 0.1 PM Fiber 1080 L 1 D A12
IL 300 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 2 N A13
IL 10 PM Fiber 1064 L 1 C A15
IL 2 PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A16
IL Tap Tap 1064 L 1 N A17
IL 200 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A18
IL 50 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A19
IL 250 Multimode Fiber 1064 L 1 N A20
ILD 10 Non-PM Fiber 1064 L 1 N A21
IL Tap Single-mode 1950 Fiber 1950 L 1 N A22
IL 20 PM Fiber 1030 L 1 N A23
ILD 3 PM Fiber 1064 L 1 C A25


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