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        Diffusion Bonded Crystals consist of one laser crystal and one or two undoped material. They are combined by optical contact method and further bonded under high temperature. Diffusion Bonded Crystal helps to decrease thermal lensing effect considerably.

        CASTECH can supply 2 kinds of Diffusion Bonded Crystals: YVO4+Nd:YVO4+YVO4 and YAG+ Nd:YAG+YAG.

        Material Doping concentration Aperture(mm) Length of laser crystal(mm)
        YVO4+Nd:YVO4+YVO4 0.1-3% 2x2-10x10 1-20
        YVO4+Nd:YVO4+YVO4 0.1-3% Dia.2-10 3-20
        YAG+Nd:YAG+YAG 0.5-1.1% 2x2-10x10 1-30
        YAG+Nd:YAG+YAG 0.5-1.1% Dia.2-10 3-30