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Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplates


  • Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplates

  • Achromatic Zero-Order waveplate is made from two different substrate Material such as crystal quartz and magnesium fluoride. For the single material waveplates the working wavelength is very limited because of the dispersion of the material. While Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplate use two different kinds of material, the dispersions of the birefringence are also different. Hence such waveplate is not sensitive to the wavelength change.

   CASTECH design Achromatic Zero-Order Quartz-MgF2 waveplates with working wavelength range larger than 300nm and retardation accuracy better than λ/50 for λ/2 waveplate and better than λ/100 for λ/4 waveplate.

Main advantages:

         •   Extremely broad wavelength ranges

         •   High damage threshold for Air-spaced Achromatic Zero-Order waveplate

         •   Low sensitivity within the designed wavelength

         •   Retardation tolerance up to λ /100 over the wavelength range


CASTECH can offer two kinds of Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplates:Air Spaced and Optically Contacted Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplates.





Material Crystal Quartz and Magnesium Fluoride
Diameter Tolerance +0/-0.2mm
Retardance Accuracy

better than λ/50 for λ/2 achromatic waveplates

better than λ/100 for λ/4 achromatic waveplates

Clear Aperture    ≥ central 90%  of  diameter
Surface Quality 40/20
Wavefront  Distortion λ/4 @ 632.8nmover the clear aperture      
Parallelism ≤10″
Coating AR coating at design wavelength
Damage Threshold 500W/cm2,4J/cm2,20ns





Order Information:



WPAO ---- 127 ---- 1/4 ---- W400-700
Product Code   Φ=12.7mm   Retardation=λ/4   Design Wavelength "λ"=400-700nm


Achromatic Zero-Order  Waveplates:

Optically Contacted Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplate Air-Spaced Achromatic Zero-Order Waveplate
Half Achromatic Waveplate Quarter Achromatic Waveplate Half Achromatic Waveplate Quarter Achromatic Waveplate
   WPAO-127-1/2-λ       WPAO-127-1/4-λ       WPAA-127-1/2-λ       WPAA-127-1/4-λ   
WPAO-150-1/2-λ WPAO-150-1/4-λ WPAA-150-1/2-λ WPAA-150-1/4-λ
WPAO-200-1/2-λ WPAO-200-1/4-λ WPAA-200-1/2-λ WPAA-200-1/4-λ
WPAO-254-1/2-λ WPAO-254-1/4-λ WPAA-254-1/2-λ WPAA-254-1/4-λ


Standard Wavelength Ranges(λ):

   400-700nm       700-1000nm       1200-1650nm   



   •  Custom designs for other sizes and coatings are also available upon request.

   •  CASTECH’s standard coatings are available.

   •  Other waveplates with different wavelength range (between 400-2100nm) are also available upon request, please contact CAETECH for more information. 



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